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Fez Sacred Music: Monday night's programme

An exciting array of concerts is planned for Monday night, to be held in various venues across the medina.

20h00 and 21h30: Gulay Hacer Toruk and ensemble from Turkey

20h00: Ustad Gholam Hossain and ensemble from Afghanistan
21h30: Camille & Clement Ducol from France

20h00 and 22h00: Epi from Mongolia
21h00: Rajab Suleiman Qanun Trio from Tanzania

20h00: The Musicians of the Nile from Upper Egypt
22h00: Ustad Gholam Hossain and ensemble from Afghanistan
23h00: Mtendeni Maulid Sufi ensemble from Zanzibar

20h00: Kiya and Ziya Tabassian from Iran/Canada
22h00: Constantinople Ensemble and Barbara Furtuna Ensemble from Corsica

The idea is that you can choose the concerts you want to see, and walk from one venue to another. The concerts last about one hour, so there should be time to take in at least two events.

The medina is not too easy to negotiate if you don't know your way around, so here are some maps to help you. Click on the maps to enlarge.

Each venue is marked on the maps below with coloured stars.

*The Ben Danan synagogue in Fes el-Jdid, or the Mellah, was built in 1438. It's one of four synagogues in the Mellah and is now a museum. To get to the Mellah, take a small red taxi either to the royal palace gates or to just before Bab Semmarine (this is a one-way street and taxis can't take you further into the Mellah from this direction). See* on the map for taxi ranks. To return to the medina, you'll find most taxis near Bab Semmarine.

Mellah map

*The Batha Museum is the venue for afternoon concerts at the Festival and is easy to find near the Batha Hotel.

* Dar Tazi is the headquarters of Fes Saiss, the organisers of the Festival, and hosts the Sufi Nights daily from 23h00. From the Batha Hotel, take the flight of steps opposite and walk down the road to the mosque and carpark at the bottom. Dar Tazi's massive wooden gates are right in front of you.

mid-medina map

*Dar (and often called Riyad) Mokri is in Oued Souaffine and is used as a training school for architectural artisans. It has one of the most beautiful gardens in the medina. From Tala'a Sghira, turn into Sidi Mohamed Belhaj and follow the street until you reach a small square with a mosque. Turn left here, walk past Riad Alkantara and take the next turning to the left. Dar Mokri is in front of you; the school's sign is prominent and reads OFPTT.

*Dar Adiyel is an 18th century former house of government, now used as a music conservatory for the Academy of Andalusian classical music. From Tala'a Sghira, follow twisty Derb Errom until you come to a wide square with a large wall fountain (Oued Rchacha). Diagonally opposite are some steps - walk up these and the conservatory is on your left a little further on.

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Maps courtesy of Fez from Bab to Bab by Hammad Berrada, published by PM Editions.

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