Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where to swim in Fez

With the mercury due to hit the high thirties later this week, The View from Fez has been looking at where to take a swim in the city.

There's only one pool in the medina that's open to non-guests, at Riad Alkantara (pictured above). It costs Dh150 for the day, but non-guest places are extremely limited so you must phone to book on 0535 740 292.

High above the medina is Hotel Les Merinides, where a dip also costs Dh150 per person per day. The Hotel Menzeh Zalagh near McDonald's is only Dh100; it's a smaller pool, but the garden has a lovely view over the medina.

Larger pools can be found at the Royal Mirage Hotel on Avenue des FAR at Dh200 per person. The nicest is probably the Jnan Palace, which also charges Dh200.

The Hotel Ibis, Hotel Batha and Hotel Palais Jamai all told us that non-guests are not welcome.


Michael & Jo said...

Watch out those with children, we have found there are no reductions so a it can get expensive with 3 kids.

too banal said...

Vous oubliez oued Fès, oued zzitoun, oued sbou et toutes les fontaines de la ville nouvelle et celle de la place Batha! Avantage : c'est gratuit! Car à 150 dirhams l'entrée, la sélection par l'argent est vite faite!
Bonne journée!

Laura said...

Thank you! Very helpful. Heading there for a trip next week and this is exactly what I needed to know. :-)