Monday, August 23, 2010

Coke still top of the pops in Morocco

Coca Cola continues to lead the soft-drink market in Morocco, reports Euromonitor International.

The opening of more retail outlets as well as more cafes has contributed to the increase in consumption of the well-known beverage. Soft drinks tend to be an impulse-buy in Morocco, with most consumers buying from small outlets close to their homes rather than in bulk in supermarkets.

However, Coke sales have fallen over the past year as Moroccans become more health-conscious and turn their attention to fruit-based soft drinks. Sidi Ali bottled still water is the best-seller in the country, and the sparking Oulmes spring water has enjoyed markedly increased sales recently.

One thing that has come to light is the decline in the availability of Coca-Cola in returnable glass bottles. There seems to be a move to plastic bottles which doesn't bode well for the already over-burdened Moroccan environment.

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