Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about Morocco

What are you looking for?

Every week, The View from Fez gets hundreds of emails with questions about Fez and Morocco. While we do our best to locate the correct information for our readers, we would like to remind you just how easy it is to find almost anything by yourself!

The View from Fez has an archive of more then 2500 stories that range across a multitude of topics and every one is discoverable by using either the blog search function at the top left of the main page, or by browsing the labels further down the blog in the left sidebar.

So, before you send us an email, please have look at the topics covered. You will find everything from suggested reading, Moroccan recipes, restaurant reviews, the Fez Sacred Music Festival and day trips to stories about specific derstinations such as Marrakech, Chefchaouen and Essaouira.

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