Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moroccan News Briefs

The 11th Jazz Festival of Tangier

The 11th Jazz Festival of Tangier "Tanjazz" will take place September 22 to 26 with the participation of renowned artists from America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

This major musical event will be a gateway for music lovers of jazz to meet their favorite artists and enjoy some magical moments full of rhythms, organizers said in a statement.The concerts will take place in several venues including the Place des Nations, the port of Tangier, the Palais des Institutions Italiennes, and on other stages.

Participants in this event include the Moroccan groupe Mazagan, one of the essential figures of Moroccan fusion, and the Moroccan singer Barry. The Black Label Swingtet along with singers Patoon Catwiner, Monty Alexander, Jean Pierre Como, Cisco Herzhaft, Nina Van Horn, Kicca & Intrigo, Sofi Hellborg, Fam of Funk, and Afro Yambi Jazz will also be present at this major arts event .

The festival programme also includes Superswing Byte, Circular Time, Kazako, Cocktail Oven, Amoria & Jok'a'Face, Al Copley, Ruben Paz y su, Montuno Jazz, Duke's House Quartet, the Dallas Quartet and Trio Enzo Carniel.

"History of jazz music," a teaching presentation designed by a group of musicians, actors, professionals of music and theatre, and educators is also in the festival programme.

Internet Threat Expires Today

In a sign of just how crazy some people are, a month ago, a self-proclaimed "lover of al-Qaeda and Jihad" gave Moroccan pharmacy owners one month to remove cross symbols from storefronts or else face beheading.

"In 2009, Crusade France lured owners of pharmacies with financial benefits and discounts in medications in return for replacing the green cross with the green crescent. We demand you remove the crosses off the façades of your pharmacies and to respect our religion. Forewarned is forearmed. We give you and those who work with you an interval of one month to return to your true nature and nation."- unnamed writer on the internet

The deadline expires today - August 28th.

Morocco has not issued an official response to the online ultimatum. Communications Minister Khalid Naciri on August 17th told the online site, Magharebia, that "the government can't issue reactions to each and every threat posted on the internet".

McDonalds lays down the law in Ramadan.

“To our customers. During the Ramadan period, only non-Muslim children and adults will be served”
A video circulating on the internet claims that the government is intending to bring in one to six month jail terms for breaking the fast in public.

Moroccan Tourism Holds Hard

The tourism sector is robust despite the economic slump, thanks to measures taken by the Moroccan government to address the world financial crisis, Tourism Minister Yassir Zenagui said.

"The different measures taken by the government allowed us to keep the business on the right track," Zenagui told US TV channel CNN.

He noted that tourist arrivals rose by 16% during the first quarter of 2010 versus a year before.

He added that these results are the upshot of the reforms put in place by the north African country to raise the quality of the Moroccan product.

The Minister stressed that the Moroccan financial system was not affected by the crisis and the banks did not have any exposure to subprime markets.

"Morocco had a 6% growth in a difficult time, while most countries of the region had a negative progression," he said.

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