Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Fez to Senegal - A Sufi Festival

Great news for those who want to discover more about the Sufi brotherhoods. A festival, to be held in Senegal will feature Tijaniya and also the very popular Hamadcha brotherhood from Fez. It starts on January first and you will find more information here: Senegal Sufi Festival

To give you a taste of what is in store during the five day festival here are some of the highlights.

Saturday, January 1st

4:00 pm
Opening Ceremony
7:00 pm
Ritual: "Wazifa", Tariqa Tijaniya
Founded in 1781 in Ain Madi located in what is now Algeria by Sheikh Sidi Ahmed Tidjani.  At around the age of fifty, he had a vision of the Prophet (PBUH) in a state of an old man, who taught him the Wird of the Tariqa. The doctrine of Tidjaniya is based on the Quran and Sunnah, without retirement or removal from obligations of life. The intellectual and cultural center of the Brotherhood is now in Fez (Morocco) where the mausoleum of Sheikh is situated. In addition, Tivaouane (west of Senegal) and Kaolack (central Senegal) are known to be the two holy cities of the Tijaniya in West Africa. According to the latest census, today Tariqa Tijaniya has more than 200 million practitioners worldwide.

7:00 pm
Concert: Ensemble Al Anfass (Morocco-Senegal)
Created in 2002 in Fez by the initiates of Sheriff  Sidi Ibrahim Tidjani, the ensemble presents its songs which are based on "Qasida" of great Tidjani Sheikhs of Maghreb and West Africa.

Sunday, January 2nd

6:00 pm
Concert: Al Kauthara (Spain)A fusion of several musical styles, from Andalusian music traditions to Eastern Syrian and Turkish to flamenco. . Al Kauthara is a Spanish group with a strong commitment to the Muslim culture. The lyrics of their songs are religious in nature: praise to the Prophet, Sufi poetry expressing divine love. Its music contributes to spreading of the values of Islam. "The name of our group " Al Kauthara" is inspired by the river of Paradise."

8:30 pm

Concert: Ismael Lo (Senegal)
Born on August 30, 1956 in Dongo Buti (Niger), Ismael Lo is a famous Senegalese musician. Affiliated with a family of Sufi followers for generations, Ismaël Lô has a repertoire of spiritual music that reflects his life experience both as a mystic and an artist

Monday, January 3rd
4:30 pm

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop
7:00 pm
Sacred Song and Ritual: Tariqa Qadiriya Hamdushiya
Founded by St. Sidi Ali Ben Hamouche (ASL) in the seventeenth century, the brotherhood of Hamadcha is one of the most important popular Sufi brotherhoods of Morocco's. Examining mystical trance, Hamadcha lives intensely its spirituality in a remarkable ritual through the beauty of its poems and the warmth of its rhythms.

8:30 pm
Concert: Toumani Diabate (Mali)
Toumani Diabate is a musician from Mali, born in Bamako in a family of griots. He is the son of Sidiki Diabate, recognized throughout West Africa to be the king of the kora. Toumani Diabate started to learn playing music from the age of 5.  At 13 he participated at the Biennale with the Ensemble of Mali Koulikoro, which won the award for best traditional orchestra. He then joined the National Ensemble of Mali.
Toumani Diabate has played with another great kora player Ballaké Sissoko, as well as with Taj Mahal  and Ali Farka Toure with whom he produced the album "In The Heart Of The Moon" in 2005. In 2006, this album won the Grammy as the best traditional world music album.

Tuesday, January 4

5:00 pm

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

7:00 pm
Ritual songs of Tariqa Muridiya
Founded by Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba (1853-1927), the Muridiya is a brotherhood that is attached to the tenets of Sufism and the enhancement of science and work.
It is one of the most influential Tariqas of Senegal. Each year, many faithful disciples flock to the holy city of Touba in the center of the country where the tomb of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba (ASL) is located.

Wednesday, January 5
7:00 pm.
Concert: Hathira Sama (India-Australia)
Hathira Sama was formed in 2006 in Sohar, Oman as a collective exploration of music as a station in the mystic’s journey. Inspired by the traditions of dhrupad singing from the east and free improvisation from the West, Hathira Sama delve into an ocean of sound to find pearls of wisdom. Hathira Sama are Rebecca Lemaire on bansuri and vocals, Rajinder Deo on tabla, and Mark Pedersen on electronics, shakuhachi and incidental percussion.
9:00 pm
Concert: Amadou and Mariam (Mali) (Festival closing ceremony)
Amadou and Mariam are a couple. These musicians and singers from Mali met at the Institute for Young Blind in Bamako. Their blindness is not of birth: Amadou lost sight at age of sixteen, while his companion became blind at the age of five. Passionate about music, they pledged themselves to the stage, tying the knot in 1980 and starting a career in music popular at that time.
They became well-known in early 2000 when they gain notoriety and sympathy of the French public. Amadou and Mariam were crowned in 2005 by the World Music award for the album Dimanche Bamako. That was achieved with the help of Manu Chao, who calls himself a fan of the duo. Introduction and a meeting with a Tidjani Sufi Cherif Mohamed Kebir Tidjani in Fès, Morocco.

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