Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moroccan Photo Competition Winners Announced

At Cafe Clock this evening, the judges announced their decisions in the Moroccan Photography Competition. The competition was run as part of the 5th birthday festivities for The View from Fez

Out of the 102 finalists, the judges made special mention and commended the following photographs.
#1 Fez photo by Nigel Tradwell. "Beautiful composition and use of natural light"
#19 Woman on rooftop by Harry Eyre "Chic shot capturing a priceless moment"
#26 Fantasia by Lynn Evans Davidson "Superb non-clichéd high action shot"
#31 The cistern in El Jadida by Elizabeth Gracon. "A jewel of a photo using natural light"
#37 "1912" Old Medina, Fez: by Rita Houari - "Wonderfully moody, timeless black and white"
#46 Soldier in Rabat: by A.J. Jamal "Wonderful composition"
#78 In the souk in Casablanca: by Terry Gordon. "A rare moment. Captivating and funny"
#91 Sahara: by Gigi Stoll "Texture is everything in this superb pic"
#93 Window to the world, Tangier. by Koós Kinga "Timeless Tangier in sepia. Fine work"

The judges also awarded a "Highly Commended Award" to local photographer Omar Chennafi for his "Fez Doorway." "A photo that can be read in so many ways. Memory, hope for the future... a simple but arresting image."

Omar Chennafi - "Fez Doorway." 

And the winners of the two categories The People's Choice and The Judges Award....

To complicate matters, The People’s Choice and the Judges had selected exactly the same first and second place photos.

2nd Place in both categories was Vanessa Bonnin’s "Volubilis after rain". "Talk about how to make the Roman look Gothic! Sensing the light would be perfect, Vanessa raced off to Volubilis and got a photograph to be proud of".

1st Place in both categories was Thami Benkirane's "A farnatche in Fez" The judges said "Thami Benkirane used no tripod, was shooting on film and going where most of us would not even think of.. the photo is stunning."

All 102 finalists in the competition can be viewed HERE

The View from Fez would like to thank Cafe Clock for the hospitality! Also our sponsors who provided prizes: a very generous accommodation package for two in Fez, donated by the good folks at Dar El Menia, a two sumptuous meals for two at Cafe Clock as well as a luxury hammam provided by Riad Laaroussa. And thank you to all those who entered photographs, it was wonderful to be able to show your images to thousands of people around the world.

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