Saturday, October 02, 2010

Taxi touts create havoc at Fez station

Just as we were feeling all smug that taxi drivers in Fez are polite and courteous and always use the meter, The View from Fez team has to report on a nasty, aggressive bunch of touts at the Fez railway station.

We were pretty shocked to be hassled at the station taxi rank by touts offering fares to R'cif at Dh50, and Bab Boujloud or Ain Azleten at Dh30. This is more than twice what it should cost in a metred taxi. It's not the drivers so much as the touts.

Because we knew what the fare should be, we were eventually able to argue our way out. But it's a sorry state of affairs for visitors to the city and should be nipped in the bud!

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Michael & Jo said...

We found this when we returned back to Fez from Asilah in August. We were hassled and jostled by aggressive touts and we had 3 with us with some drivers refusing to let us in the taxi as we refused the the touts prices.

We knew the deal as regular visitors to Fez, but it's not what you want in the 40 degree heat, and not something for the first time visitor.