Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fez Fantasia

Often people tend to think that the Moroccan fantasia is an event put on for tourists. Not so. Photographer Gérard Chemit was at today's event in Fez and sent us these photographs.

A fantasia is held annually in most towns and villages to show off the prowess of teams of riders and animals, and it's competitive. First the tents are pitched where riders rest between events. Horses are bedecked with embroidered saddles and bridles. The teams of men (and often women, too) dress up in special clothes.

Each team lines up at the start, and sets off at the gallop. Twirling the musket is a special trick.

At the end of the field, muskets are fired and the horses stop dead.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch a real fantasia - not just the ones put on for tourists. The horses are beautiful, the artistry and riding a wonder, and the whole event very exciting.

With thanks to Gerard Chemit for the photos.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Gerard!


Thami Benkirane said...

Il faut rappeler que non loin de Fès, à une soixantaine de kilomètres, dans la petite ville de Tissa, se déroule le moussem du cheval et de la fantasia.
Il y a également sur la côte atlantique, le très fameux moussem dédié à la fantasia de Moulay Abdellah Amghar à proximité de la ville atlantique d'El Jadida.
Un ami photographe Gérard Bayssière a réalisé un travail photographique époustouflant sur la fantasia et qui mérite d'être connu. Voir un diaporama ici :érard Bayssière

Bon début de semaine lumineuse!

Mezgarne said...

Fantasia, which Moroccan name is Tbourida, is a wonderful tradition in Morocco, much better held than in other North African countries. We had a huge pleasure in El Jadida.