Thursday, December 09, 2010

Spanish police disperse demonstration over Spanish occupation of Melillia

The Spanish occupied Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melillia continue to fester with resentment. On Tuesday a group of young Moroccans waving Moroccan flags demonstrated before the local government's headquarters in the Moroccan (Spanish-occupied) city of Melillia (northern Morocco), demanding an end to the Spanish occupation.

The protesters, who come from Melillia, Bni Ansar and Nador, took to the so-called "Plaça Espanya", carrying a banner that read "Sebta and Melillia are Moroccan".

During the demonstration, the group distributed leaflets that read "Spanish occupation out" and "Melillia is a Moroccan city".

The Spanish police dispersed the young protesters.

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Gatsby said...

Sorry but for this one time I have to disagree with my View from Fez friends. Just the way of starting the article is preposterous: 'The Spanish occupied Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melillia'? No one goes around saying 'The english occupied Spanish city of Gibraltar'. Sebta and Melilla occupied, well yes, in 1668. They may very well be a geographic anomaly, along with many others in the world, but who can claim the right to forbid them to call themselves spanish?

Anonymous said...

LOL... sorry, but I DO say "The English occupied Spanish city of Gibraltar". And I agree that Sebta and Melillia are occupied Moroccan land.

Carlos said...

Gatsby - just go ask a few Moroccans - they will set you on a better understanding.

Gatsby said...

Anonymous and Carlos review your History, those 'occupied' cities never belonged to Morocco, for the simple reason that in 1668 Morocco was still in processus of being unificated. It would be like claiming something that has never been yours. Now I dont really care, I'm italian, but I do have spanish friends from ceuta that wouldnt like to be anything else. The moroccans I have to ask, are they born in ceuta or you refer to the ones that cross the douane daily to buy alcohol at better prices and play in the casino?

Pema said...

The difference between Gib and the 2 Spanish enclaves is that the Gibraltarians WANT to be British. Every time this issue is debated there is an overwhelming majority in Gib that votes to stay British.And I have to wonder why the Spanish want Gib. Its a boring, seedy, down at heel dump. Its only plus factor is the climate.

Morocco Fan said...

Sebta and Melillia are Moroccan. Spain should go back to Spain.