Monday, February 07, 2011

Fes Festival of Sufi Culture: the programme

The fifth annual Fes Festival of Sufi Culture will take place from 16-23 April. The festival, directed by Faouzi Skalli and under the auspices of the Spirit of Fes Foundation, becomes more and more popular every year. This time, the theme of the festival is Women in Sufism. We're pleased to bring you the provisional programme of music that will accompany the festival.

All concerts start at 20h30, and those given by the Sufi brotherhoods are free of charge

SATURDAY 16 APRIL at Batha Museum Dh200
Farida Parveen (Pakistan) The quest of the thirsty soul
Qawwali: the mystic song of Pakistan

SUNDAY 17 APRIL at Batha Museum
Tariqa Qadiriyya Bouchichiyya (Morocco)

MONDAY 18 APRIL at Batha Museum
Tariqa Charqawiyya (Morocco)

TUESDAY 19 APRIL at Batha Museum
Tariqa Khalwatiyya (Turkey)

WEDNESDAY 20 APRIL at Batha Museum
Tariqa Wazzaniyya (Morocco)

THURSDAY 21 APRIL at Batha Museum
Tariqa Siqilliyya (Morocco)

FRIDAY 22 APRIL at Batha Museum (Dh200)
Karima Skali with the Al Kawthar Ensemble of Granada (Morocco/Spain)
A Tribute to the Sufi Poets of Andalucia

SATURDAY 23 APRIL at Hotel Jnan Palace (Dh200)
The great samaa voices of Morocco
From Melhoun to Spiritual Noubas
(in association with the Association des Amateurs de la Musique Andalouse du Maroc Andalussyat)

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