Monday, February 28, 2011

Moroccan jewellery

Visual artist, Jess Stephens, has launched a new blog about Moroccan jewellery.

There are several articles including the facts about Moroccan silver, Tuareg jewellery, Berber adornment including facial tattoos and hairdressing, and the Hand of Fatima.


A resident of Sefrou, Jess is also making her own Moroccan contemporary jewellery. She likes to use materials from her immediate surroundings and the current collection is an accumulation of jellaba buttons (common in her home town of Sefrou), metal beads from the south of Morocco, glass beads, wooden pieces, and other random findings from around Morocco. Bringing into play crafts, techniques and materials in her new collection, Jess is fired and inspired to work alongside traditional craft-makers and local women are employed to create some of the pieces. You can see more of the range at

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