Friday, March 25, 2011

How your Fez photos can assist orphanage

Fred and Cathy at Riad Laaroussa have a wonderful new project to raise money for the Hospital Ghassani orphanage in Fez.

Having recently adopted a child themselves, they saw the need to assist with the orphanage's material needs such as supplies of baby milk. The project is called “Fez through your eyes" and you can help by emailing Fred and Cathy with what you consider to be your best photographs taken in Fez.

Fred and Cathy

Fred says, "Please send us the best pictures you took in Fez (black and white or colour) in high resolution. Try to select the 5 best for example. It can be anything, a face, a street, a detail, a view… We will select from your photos some to develop and frame. Once this is done, we will hold an exhibition and promote these pictures to sell them locally to tourists or locals. It will be held in our boutique in the main street of the medina, where we organize regularly this kind of event, as well as at Riad Laaroussa."

Cathy explains that the total amount of the revenues will be spent in buying supplies for the orphanage. They will also keep contributors precisely updated about the way the money is spent.

The View from Fez thinks this is a great initiative and will report on its progress. You can email your photographs to:

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