Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marrakech Airport Bus Introduced

The days of having to haggle with taxi drivers at Marrakech airport may be over.For tourists arriving in the country for the first time, the effort to get a taxi for the six kilometre journey into the city has always been a problem and one that often leaves an unpleasant first impression. Although there have been attempts to control taxi drivers, until now it has had little effect.

The new bus service, operated by Spanish company Alsa City, will run every thirty minutes from Menara Airport and we are told it will stop at several popular destinations along the route.

The bus has been designated "number nineteen" and a one-way ticket costs 20 dirhams (£1.55) or just 30 dirhams return (£2.30) as long as you return within a fortnight.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! No more 'fresh off the plane' haggling.

Des Clark said...

This isn't a "new" service. There has been a bus operating from the airport for at least the past 5 years. Since the new terminal was finished, the bus now leaves directly outside it (just behind the row of taxis) and stops nearly opposite the Koutoubia enabling easy access to the dJemma-el_Fna. Costs 20dh (as you say) one way which is a far cry from haggling with greedy taxi drivers!

marrakech airport transfer said...

thanks for this Wonderful news ^^