Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morocco Aids Those Fleeing Libya

HM King Mohammed VI has been quick to act in the regional unrest. On his instructions, urgent humanitarian aid has been sent to thousands of refugees of different nationalities currently at Rass Jdir center on the Tunisian-Libyan border, victims of serious acts of violence in Libya.

The aid, which was airlifted,includes a consignment of medicines, twenty doctors and twenty paramedics, as well as medical equipment to meet the special and urgent needs of victims of what a government release described as "this appalling humanitarian situation".

The field hospital has started, on Sunday, to host hundreds of refugees of different nationalities, including Moroccan nationals from Libya. According to the Moroccan new agency (MAP), the hospital is equipped with an operating theatre, a scanner room, analytical laboratory and two surgery rooms as well as 30 beds and an ambulance.

Morocco's Embassy in Tunis had donated quantities of medicines worth 60,000 dollars, to Tunisian bodies tasked with receiving the refugees. According to the same source, the members of the Tunisian community in Morocco collected 5.3 tonnes of milk in collaboration with Moroccan citizens for the Ras Jedir refugees.

The aid will assist the Tunisian authorities who are struggling with the huge influx of refugees.

Libya is a transit point for many African and Middle Eastern migrants who are trying to reach Europe. There are an estimated 1.3million migrants living in Libya, including several thousand UN-registered refugees.

Gaddafi had played a vital role in controlling migration into Europe and last year signed an agreement with Italy, agreeing to stop migrants reaching the Italian coast.

This controversial 'push back' deal saw Italy hand over boat loads of migrants to the Libyan authorities, when they were found in Italian waters. In August last year Gaddafi gave a speech warning that Europe would 'turn black' if if wasn't tougher in turning back immigrants, and asked for millions of Euros in exchange for his cooperation.

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