Sunday, March 13, 2011

Over 9,000 Moroccans repatriated from Libya

According to Mohamed Ameur, Deputy Minister in charge of the Moroccan community living abroad, more than 9,000 Moroccan citizens have been repatriated from Libya, on board planes and ships.

5,100 nationals were transported by plane and 4,000 others were repatriated aboard two ferries, Ameur said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

Other Moroccan citizens are still waiting for the situation to improve before they will return to the country, Communication Minister and Government Spokesperson Khalid Naciri said at a press briefing, quoting Ameur.

The deputy minister's staff and the Foreign Ministry's will be mobilized in order to carry out this operation from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, he went on, hailing the "colossal" efforts by embassies and the consular services in these countries.

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