Thursday, April 14, 2011

100% Fez ~ a plus for Fez !

Frederic Bissiere is a man with a mission - to put Fez on the map, film-wise. He chatted recently with The View from Fez team.

Frederic has a background in sustainable development with the World Bank. His cameraman, Jacques, is a film-maker and teacher of film. Together they came to Fez some eight months ago and set up the TV channel, 100% Fez. They make documentaries about Fez which they screen on the internet at, on Youtube and on Apple TV.

An example of their work is the film they made about the recent visit of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to the Fez medina (see it on The View from Fez here). So far, most of their work is in French, but English will be added soon. 100% Fez works with public institutions such as the CRT (tourism authority) and the Investment Bureau, as well as private companies and the University of Fez. The idea is to provide communication and serve as a link for the community, particularly the youth and women.


Anonymous said...

Je suis fassi et heureux d'avoir rencontré Fred bissière et son caméraman Jacques, heureux que Fred Bissière et Jaques Fusilier se donnent pour Fès. voilà encore de l'energie qui ne peut qu'être bénéfique pour Fès. Fred et Jaques nous apportent leurs regards sur notre vie quotidienne de Fassi, leur but est de la faire connaitre, la rendre accesibles grâce au net ! je suis heureux de lire des articles sur Fès, regarder des vidéos sur Fès.
cela permet à ma ville de se se faire connaitre et se tailler une part de notoriété à l'international.
J'ai regardé les reportages de centpourcentfez, je ne peux qu'espérer que la bonne image que Fred et Jaques diffuse, se fasse relayer par les fassis et les autres à Fès et à l'extérieur de Fès.
longue vie à 100%fes production.
jeter un coup d'oeil sur :

kamal Chaoui said...

Hello, My name is Kamal Chaoui, Since I have met those 2 professionels Jaques and Fred , I decided to join their compagnie and help them as much as I can promoting my native city Fez.
The result is remarquable, the videos produced are well accepted by the Fassi, those Video-clip are looked evrywhere in the Word, specially in Europe.
this is absolutely good for the promotion of Fez !
Have you had a look at the Bhallil Olive's documentary ? or at the famous Architect Rachid Haloui's documentary..... then have a close look at :
it worth it !
kamal Chaoui