Friday, April 29, 2011

Marrakech bomb has all the hallmarks of al-Qaida - Moroccan Interior Minister

According to Taib Cherqaoui, Morocco's interior minister, the Marrakech bombing has all the hallmarks of an al-Qaida attack

16 people have died and 25 people were injured, 14 of them hospitalized.

The bomb was triggered remotely and packed with nails. Some were found at the scene of the blast, others in the bodies of victims, Cherqaoui said.

"The manner reminds us of the style used generally by al-Qaida," Cherqaoui said. "And this leads us to think that there is a possibility of more dangers to come."

No one has claimed responsibility for Morocco's deadliest attack since 2003.

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Piggy said...

So very sad for those killed. I do hope that the injured get well soon.
Worrying for all have a love of Morocco and its people.
The 'bombers' and those that support such actions must be hunted down and locked up for life.