Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morocco sends the UK a sandy weekend !

BRITAIN basked in beach weather this weekend – rounded off with sandy rain. A storm in the Sahara four days ago sent sand over Fez and now we hear it has gone a lot further. The residue has arrived in the UK.

Sandy rain heads to the UK

The Moroccan sandstorm caused dust-laden showers which ended a current sunny spell. Met Office forecaster Helen Chivers explained: “There was quite a large sandstorm in Morocco, which meant a large amount of sand in the atmosphere. The cloud hit South-West England on Friday. There was a chance of showers in some parts on Sunday, so it may come down then.”

Meanwhile, some areas of Britain hit a glorious 21C yesterday – warmer than Istanbul, Athens, Rome or Los Angeles.

As one gardener in Scotland said, "Thanks to Morocco, I have a few more grains of sand in my garden and that has to be good for my drainage." Well, at least one man is happy!

However, snowboarders in the Cairngorms were divided on the benefits of having a little sand mixed with the snow.

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