Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mosque Collapse in Fez ~ Breaking News

According to neighbours, a mosque has collapsed near Bab Seffer, just outside the Fez Medina. First reports say as many as three people are dead and another nine people are believed to be buried under the rubble.

What is particularly distressing is that this mosque was one of the ones undergoing restoration following the collapse of a mosque last year.

The scene at a mosque collapse last year

The collapse of ancient mosques has happened on several occasions. In September last year, three people were killed in collapse of a mosque roof in Casablanca. Earlier, in March 2010, one person was killed and three others wounded when the dome of the Al-Amal mosque in the town of Zaio in the Nador province in northeastern Morocco collapsed during repairs. The dead man was one of the repair workers.

Also in March 2010, the 400-year-old minaret came down during prayers at the Bab al-Baradeen mosque (also known as the Lalla Khenata bint Bekkar Mosque) in Meknes, killing 41 worshippers and injuring over 80. At the time, following the tragedy in Meknes King Mohammed VI ordered an urgent appraisal of all the country's old mosques.


'abdul muHib said...

Just was over at Masjid al Harun, the mosque that collapsed. Thanks to this post, found out about it, and went over to see if they needed any assistance in lifting stones or some such.

There were hundreds of people gathered around it, watching, and more ambulances than I've ever seen in one place in Morocco. It wasn't just a roof, but the entire central section of the mosque had collapsed- I'm told during the time of prayer. "Not one stone was laid upon another." Bent and twisted rubarb that used to hold the the building up, mixed with dust and pavement.

But the work was all done. I made my way past the large corridor of police and soldiers, to the chief of the firemen. He told me there was no need for volunteers now. No one was left trapped anymore, and three had died, allayrahemhum, but that was it- no more.

Piggy said...

Not only very sad for those that died but a sad reflection on those who allowed it to get in such a bad state of repair.
Morocco has the money to repair all the old buildings but spends most of it on Palaces that the King hardly uses.
Spend some of the money on the people and that does include all Mosques.
My sincere condolences to the families.