Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fez Festival in the City

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music isn't just about concerts with high ticket prices. For some years now, there's been a Festival in the City that brings the Spirit of Fes to the local inhabitants and visitors, free of charge.

the audience waits for a concert to start at Boujloud Square, 2010

Each year the scope of the Festival in the City grows larger. This year there will be ten art exhibitions (see our story here). The exhibitions take place throughout the festival - the times given below are for their official launches with the artists in attendance. Films will be projected onto the ancient walls at Boujloud Square as well as at the Complex al Houria, and several riads will host interesting musical and dance events. Plus, of course, there will be the usual evening concerts at Boujloud and the ever delightful Sufi Nights at Dar Tazi. Best of all, everything's free!

Here's the full programme:
22h30 at Bab Boujloud: film screening on the city walls of Home, by Yann Arthus Bertrand

18h00 Complex Al Houria: film screening of My Land by Nabil Ayouch

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Saida Fikri

23h00 Dar Tazi: Harakiya Brotherhood from Safi

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Nass Al Ghiwan
23h00 Dar Tazi: Derkaouia Brotherhood from Essaouira

18h00-20h00 Opening of Exhibitions:
Elusive Encounters by Jamal Benabdeslam and Mustapha Meskine at the Batha Museum;
Of Roots & Signs by Mohamed Nabili at Bab al Makina

20h30 at Bab Boujloud: film screening on the city walls of Home, by Yann Arthus Bertrand

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Laabi Brothers Orchestra

12h30 at Batha Museum: opening of the Exhibition The Wisdom of Proverbs
18h00-20h00 Opening of Exhibitions:
Hymn to Nature: by two Fassi artists, Cheikh Zidor and Youssef Titou at Dar Tazi;
Not very wise by Paul Biehn at Le Jardin des Biehn;
Interior – Exterior by Sonia Ouajjou at Dar al Mokri

20h30 at Bab Boujloud: film screening on the city walls of Home, by Yann Arthus Bertrand

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Muslim

18h00-20h00 Opening of Exhibitions:
L'Etend'art: Infinite Care by Mohammed Mansour Idrissi. This gallery is at 10 Avenue Abou Oubaïda Ibn Jerrah, Fès, Ville Nouvelle. Tel. : 06 61 35 90 09
Orientalist Gallery: Memories of Morocco by Mohamed Krich & Abdelhay Demnati. This gallery is at 38, rue Abdelaziz Boutaleb, Fès, Ville Nouvelle. Tel. : 05 35 94 45 45
Jnan Palace Hotel: On The Disciple's Path. The hotel is on Avenue Chaouki, opposite Kai Tai restaurant.

22h30 Le Jardin des Biehn: Terra Maire, with Beatrice Lalanne (vocals, shruti box and dance) and Maria-Angela (vocals and dance). This concert features ancient and sacred songs from Occitan, land of the Troubadours and Cathars. It will be held on the riad's rooftop terrace - get there in plenty of time as there's only space for around 70 people.

23h00 Palais (formerly Riad) Sheherazade: Soundwalk 'The Passenger'. This is an fascinating collection of sounds from daily life from Marrakech, Fez and Tangier. This guesthouse will also be hosting an exhibition throughout the festival of the work of Said Qodaid.

22h30 Bab Boujloud: Fatima Zahra Laaroussi

23h00 Dar Tazi: 1st part: Medina Group (Russia)
2nd part: Khalwatiyya Brotherhood from Meknes

10h00 at Complex al Houria: film screening of the documentary Allumons la Lumiere de la Paix

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Issaiwa Brotherhood

23h00 Dar Tazi: Wazzaniyya Brotherhood of Fez

10h00 at Complex al Houria: film screening of Bab 'Aziz: the prince who contemplated his soul by Nacir Khemir, with original music by Armand Amar

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Malhoun evening

23h00 Dar Tazi: Siqiliyya Brotherhood. This interesting Sufi group featured at the Sufi Festival in April and are well worth watching (see our review here).

22h00 Bab Boujloud: Asmaa Lmnawar and Hamid el Kasri

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