Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iceland's volcanic ash no problem for Morocco

Ash from the Grimsvotn volcano, under the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland is now not expected to have much further impact on air travel. After its eruption began on May 21 airports in Scandinavia and the UK were closed for only a short time.

The Grimsvotn volcano

According to air traffic controllers in Britain, the ash cloud left British airspace this morning. However, the UK Met Office says there may be a return of the cloud on Friday.

Domestic flights are expected to resume as airlines recover from yesterday's disruption.

But European flights will still be subjected to cancellations as ash from the Grimsvotn volcano drifts over northern Germany.

Lufthansa said it expects to cancel about 150 flights today due to concerns about the ash cloud.

Hamburg and Bremen airports cancelled takeoffs and landings this morning, and German authorities said Berlin terminals could also face closure from 1000 GMT. Parts of Scandinavia are also facing a risk of disruption.

British Airways cancelled three flights between London Heathrow and Hamburg, while easyJet called off scheduled flights between London and Copenhagen and advised passengers flying from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and some European airports to check their flight status before travelling.

KLM, the Dutch airline, cancelled departures from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Aberdeen all bound for Amsterdam, along with a number of flights across the continent, and three Eastern Airways flights were grounded.

Ryanair ruled out all scheduled transfers to and from Bremen, Lubeck and Magdeburg airports before 2pm CET, but Flybe said it expected to operate normally.

Meanwhile, tourism in Morocco has felt little or no impact.

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