Saturday, May 28, 2011

Morocco's Referendum ~ Who Will Vote?

According to Aghmari Hassan, the director of the Department of Elections at the Moroccan Interior Ministry, more than one million Moroccans, including almost half of 18-25 years, were registered on electoral lists in particular to participate in the forthcoming referendum on constitutional reform announced last March by King Mohammed VI.

"Nearly 1.10 million people were registered on the electoral roll between 1 and 21 May for further consultations, including the referendum on constitutional reform", said Aghmari Hassan. "Nearly 43% of those enrolled are young people between 18 and 25, and 60% of them are from the urban environment."

"Among enrolees, 55% are male and 45% of women," he added.

In a speech to the nation on March 9, King Mohammed VI announced major constitutional reforms, including in some principle of separation of powers and strengthening the powers of the Prime Minister.

The number of registered voters needs to be understood in the context of the overall population which exceeds 32 million.

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