Monday, May 09, 2011

Upbeat take on Moroccan Tourism

Morocco's tourism minister, Yassir Znagui, said that in spite of the regional turbulence and the deadly bombing last week that targeted foreign tourists, this year the country's tourism receipts would increase faster than last year, reported Arab News.

Znagui added that political issues didn't discourage the Gulf states which would participate in a USD14.5 billion fund to develop new resorts and would sign a final agreement this year, adding that last month's bombing in the tourist city of Marrakesh which killed sixteen people, most of them foreigners, increased concerns over tourism growth prospects, that were also restricted by disturbance in the Arab world and local protests.

He also said that tourism revenues in 2010 were nearly USD7.3 billion almost 40 percent of exports, and tourist arrivals until the end of April were more than ten percent higher than the year before, whereas following the attack, 15,000 holidaymakers canceled planned visits to Morocco, around 3 percent of the total.

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