Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benefit for Fez Street Children

Ever felt you would like to do something to help Fez children living in precarious situations? Here is an opportunity. A grande soirée to aid the children of the streets will feature soul quintet Looloo is Alive.

To be held on June 24 at the Astor Cinema in Fez, the concert and meal has been organised by Fès Enfance Solidarité in collaboration with the restaurant Fès et Gestes and l'Institut Français de Fès.

At their last concert in Fez in April, Rabat group Looloo is Alive treated the audience to a selection of hits from artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Temptations and Amy Winehouse.

The voice of lead singer Laetitia Camboulives, known as Looloo, has been described as “oscillating between the force of a black magic woman and one of fragile softness.” The rest of the line-up includes drummer Vincent Touchard, Karim Soussan on alto sax, lead guitarist Mehdi Boubeka and bass guitarist Fouad Moussamih.

L’association F.E.S. Fès Enfance Solidarité is a branch of Solidarité Internationale, which was started in Dieppe in 2004 by Aïssam Kaaouas, who comes from Fez. Its main objective is to assist children living in difficult circumstances on the streets of Fez.

The association finances a programme of social rehabilitation, with the assistance of families, schools and training. A teacher is employed to oversee the educational and reintergration aspects. As Kaaouas points out, “Solidarity (with the children of the street) is everyone’s business.”


Tickets are 150 Dirhams for the concert and food. Bookings on 06 52 42 57 03 or 06 68 60 17 91. Email fesenfancesolidarite@gmail.com.

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