Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fez to host international conference ~ 'women and new media in the Mediterranean'

Between June 24-26 Fez will host an international conference on "women and new media in the Mediterranean," with the participation of experts and academics from over 20 countries. The meeting, held at the initiative of ISIS center for Women and Development, will examine gender issues and new media, as well as the relation between women, written languages and mother tongues.

Morocco's leading feminist academic, Fatima Sidiqi (pictured above) will play an important role at the conference. (Find out more here - Fatima Sidiqi )

The participants will also discuss "the growing impact of new media in the Mediterranean," "the virtual activism of young women in the Mediterranean: internet, facebook, and blogosphere," "languages, education and new media in the Mediterranean," and "the influence of new media on gender relations in Mediterranean societies."

A workshop on "new media and gender equality in Morocco" will also be held as part of the conference. It will gather several Moroccan and international civil society activists.

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