Thursday, June 09, 2011

Italian Baroque at Fes Festival

Il Concerto di Arianna delighted the audience at the Batha Museum on this balmy afternoon at the Fes Festival. The seven-piece ensemble specialise in little-known works of Italian baroque music of the 17th century, particularly Stradella, Mannelli and Corelli who were all part of the cultural circle of Queen Christine of Sweden in Rome. The group uses original instruments. These instruments can be temperamental, as was the case today when artistic director Maria Palumbo's spinet delayed the start of the concert for a few minutes.

Anna Skorupski
Lorenzo Colitto and Gabriele Politi played violins, Anna Skorupski the viola, Adriano Ancaroni a melodius cello and Roberto Caravella a theorbo (a bass long-necked lute), lute and baroque guitar. Adele Rossi provided the soprano vocals.

Roberto Caravella
The pieces played were slightly different to those on the programme. The audience enjoyed works by Arcangelo Corelli, Francesco Foggia, Carlo Mannelli, Alessandro Scarlatti and Antonio Vivaldi.

Adele Rossi 
This concert was funded by the Ducci Foundation of Rome which was founded in 1999 by the current president, Paolo Ducci. It is active in the economic, social, scientific, cultural and artistic fields in order to contribute to intellectual heritage and the creativity of the individual. Lorenzo Colitto and Maria Palumbo have performed in Fez before at the headquarters of the Ducci Foundation in the city, Kssar Annoujoum in the medina, where other concerts are planned (see our story here).

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