Sunday, June 05, 2011

Monday's events at the Fes Festival

Here are the events planned for Monday 6 June at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. Note that there's an extra screening of the film 'My Land', by popular demand.

09h00 FES FORUM at the Batha Museum
The Arab Spring: new horizons for the Maghreb
Will the recent events in the Arab world and, more globally, on a planetary level, have repercussions on the far-reaching perspectives in the formation of the Maghreb? On what basis could this be possible?

14h15 an extra screening of the film 'My Land' by Nabil Ayouche at Jnan Palace Hotel

16h00 at the Batha Museum: Francoise Atlan, Moneim Adwan and Bijan Chemirani with music from Morocco and Palestine.

17h00-19h00 at the Batha Museum: official opening of the photographic exhibition Elusive Encounters by Jamal Benabdeslam and Mustapha Meskine

18h00-19h30 at Bab al Makina: official opening of the exhibition Of Roots & Signs by Mohamed Nabili

18h00-20h00 at Dar Tazi: official opening of the exhibitions:
The Musicians of Fez by Louise Cara
Hymn to Nature by Cheikh Zidor and Youssef Titou

And from 20h00, Night in the Medina I (see our story below).

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