Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oued Fes Golf Resort appoints management team

Back in August 2009, The View from Fez reported on the new golf resort Oued Fes, situated on the Meknes road (see the story here).

We can now report that Troon Golf of Arizona has been appointed to manage the resort. Troon Golf is the world’s largest golf management company, overseeing operations at top-ranking properties located in 31 US states and 26 countries, including Australia, Italy and Spain. In Morocco, they already manage the course at the Mazagan complex near El Jadida.

The all-new Fez resort, residential and leisure development has chosen Troon Golf not only enhance the region’s leisure attractions, but to assist in the progression of making Morocco a major golfing destination.

The project is being developed by MEDZ, a subsidiary of the holding company CDG Development as part of its overriding mission to implement government policies aimed at the economic and social development of the country.

Bruce Glasco, of Troon's Europe, Middle East and Africa division, said, “We are delighted to have been appointed to manage the golf operations at Oued Fes, which will not only attract golfers from far and wide, but will also become one of Morocco’s finest leisure destinations.”

“Seeking the services of international experts such as Troon Golf has been a key part of our strategy, as quality remains of utmost importance in our development as a recognized tourism hub,” said M. Abdellatif Hadj Hamou, chairman of the executive board of MEDZ.

Internationally-renowned golf course designer, John Gaunt, says of the project:
"The design of this large golf course features three main characteristics: woodland, wetland and grassland (including some “desert-like” features). The result is a varied and memorable course for golfers of varying abilities, all within view from the golf villas, apartments and 5 hotels."

In order to keep the golf course in play throughout the year and prevent any risk of flooding, Gaunt Golf Design raised the level of the fairways, greens and tees, 300m driving range and practice greens to an elevation 1.5 metres above 100 year flood level. These levels will be achieved by importing subsoil from other sites near Fes and by excavating subsoil during the creation of water features. Those areas not built up are crossed by timber boardwalks, buggy tracks and bridges.

The grassland areas comprise bold, flowing and undulating features with some water channels that flood when levels rise in winter and become wetland/marshland during the drier seasons.

The result will be something golfers in Morocco or travelling there on holiday might not expect - a lush green oasis.


Anonymous said...

Quand on se pose la question de ce que sont devenues les fontaines et les sources de la ville de Fès (un aspect de la ville que vous n'avez jamais connu car non-native de la ville), quand on sait que le problème majeur du pays est celui de l'eau à court et à moyen terme, on se dit que la politiques des 18 trous est déraisonnable! L'Histoire jugera! Oued Fès est déjà grignoté pour construire des villas et des golfs! Un de ces jours, on finira par mordre la poussière...

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