Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rapper poet Abd al Malik

In the second concert of the day, sponsored by the French Embassy in Morocco and the French Institute, Abd al Malik surprised and delighted a fairly small crowd at Bab al Makina.
Abd al Malik
Abd al Malik is the thinking man's rapper - a poet and composer who studied philosophy and classical literature at university, and who now represents a new youth culture.

His music is inspired by songwriters from Dylan to Brel and creates a link between French song and rock or rap. The music, was as sophisticated and delightful as his lyrics. At times the rock influence dominated, at others a gentle, almost folk motif, flirted with jazz. It was demanding but rewarding

For those who did not speak French, the depth and often spiritual nature of his poetry would have been lost. However, his stage presence captured the audience. Abd al Malik has forged links with Morocco by joining the Boutchichiyya Sufi brotherhood some 12 years ago, and is inspired by Sufi philosophy.

Just before the concert started, Abd al Malik and band members were filmed backstage praying and indulging in a group hug, a snippet shown to the audience on the side screens. It was a "feel-good" moment that the audience appreciated.

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