Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exposition "Dazed & Confused°" by Mhamed Mrani Alaoui

Arabic calligraphy and contemporary painting combine in a new exhibition in Fez.

Mhamed with his painting "Evolution"
Mhamed Mrani Alaoui’s exhibition Dazed and Confused at Cafe Clock is a vibrant mix of delicate calligraphy and the bright colours he sees around him in the ancient Fez Medina.
He is inspired by the way the way tradition and modernity are both powerful influences in the contemporary Arab world.

“The themes of my paintings are about the Sufi doctrine and explore problems of identity, such as those brought about by the Arab Spring,” he says.

"Bab Boujloud: Doors of Perception"
Born in Agadir, 24 year-old Mhamed has been living in Fez for two years. “I’ve been painting since I was a child. But until I came to Fez, my work was abstract in style.”

He had several exhibitions in Agadir. After arriving in Fez, he discovered the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and decided to include it in his work.

Mhamed Mrani Alaoui’s exhibition Dazed and Confused runs until the end of Ramadan at Cafe Clock.
le Café Clock De Fés
7, Derb El Magana Talaa Kbira FES Medina

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