Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Festival of Amazigh Culture in Fez

Morocco's new constitution, approved by voters last week, recognises Amazigh as an official language of the country. It's fitting, therefore, that the 7th Festival of Amazigh Culture will be held from 15-17 July in Fez.

The Festival's theme this year is The Amazigh Language in Education and Media in the Maghreb and the Diaspora. It comprises a series of talks, concerts, a play, workshops, a film screening, poetry readings, exhibitions of Amazigh carpets, books, art and a caftan fashion show. It's organised by the Spirit of Fes Foundation in conjunction with the Fes Saiss Association, the BMCE Foundation, the South North Centre and the University of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellalh in Fez. Attendance is free of charge.  Here's the programme:

Talks and exhibitions: Palais de Congres
Concerts: Bab Boujloud at 19h00 and Bab al Makina at 20h30
Play: Al Houria Complex

16h00 Congress opens
18h00-19h30 Amazigh heritage and the role of identity in social change and human development
19h00 Bab Boujloud: Ahwash; Tifyur Group; In Con Trada (Italy)
20h30 Bab al Makina: Rumba Tarumba (Spain); In Con Trada (Italy); Hadda Ouakki; Daoudia

Workshop: The Tifinagh Alphabet (presented by the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture)
09h00: The civilisational and integrational dimensions of Amazigh culture
11h00: Socio-cultural representation of Amazigh in the education system
15h00: Teaching the Amazigh language in the Maghreb and the diaspora
15h00: Writing workshop
17h00: Amazigh in the education system and the media
19h00: Bab Boujloud: Daq Sif; Mayara Band
20h30: Bab al Makina: Ahidous Maestro; Ferroudja Saidia Group; Tachinwit

09h00: Amazigh in the Maghrebi media
11h15: Poetry readings with poets Omar Taous, Moulay Ahmed Damou, Hddou Khoursa, Ait Larbi Moulay Elghali and Oubella Med Souiri

16h00: Complex al Houria: Amazigh film screening; dance and song by Femmes de la Source
19h00: Bab Boujloud: Ribab Fusion; Ithran al Houceima
20h30: Bab al Makina: Mohammed Mellal; Mohamed Rouicha; Caftan fashion show

For more information, contact Moha Ennaji.

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