Friday, July 08, 2011

See the Fez Medina Through New Eyes

Tomorrow at 9am, photographer Omar Chennafi invites anyone who likes taking pictures to join him exploring the ancient city of Fez.

"This session will be about the discovery of the Fes médina layer by layer through the lenses of our cameras," Chennafi said.

It's the second session of the ALIF photography club and members of the public are welcome to join the tour.

"The tour is dedicated to enriching your life, helping you see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your unique experience to others," he said.

Omar Chennafi was selected this year as the official photographer for the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. Last year he received the 'Highly Commended Award' for his photo Fez Doorway in The View from Fez Photographic Competition.

When: Saturday, July 9 from 9am to noon.
Where: Meet close to the Batha Fountain near the Fez Medina.

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