Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another blogging win for Fez !

The View from Fez has been chosen to receive a Iglu 2011 Blog Award. It came as something of a surprise as we had not entered. However,the judges wrote...

The team at Iglu selected a list of hundreds of contenders for this award, before whittling them down to just ten. The ones in this section are here because they represented their country in such an admirable way. Without sites like these, the world would be a more inaccessible place.

Country guides make any journey easier as they consolidate the information into one convenient package. These are clever information portals that will help show you how to get around, find a bed, feed yourself and generally enjoy the culture. It also helps you identify where money can be saved, and how to look after yourself and your property. The Iglu awards have gone to those country guides which really take you by the hand and show you the sights.

So without further ado, we've compiled the top ten. These have passed through the hands of our team of experts, and have been picked out of the initial shortlist of many hundreds of country guide blogs. Obviously if you want to to go Zimbabwe, these blogs won't be of enormous help. But for prospective tourists or even the curious, the blogs down here are truly in a league of their own.

Once again, I would to express my congratulations for your well-deserved recognition.

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