Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two Hundred and Fifty Dirham Coin for only Five Hundred!

A significant marker of the twelfth anniversary of HM King Mohammed VI's ascension to the throne is a commemorative 250 dirham coin, issued by Morocco's central bank, Bank Al Maghrib.

The obverse of the coin bears the image of the Sovereign as well as "Mohammed VI" and "the Kingdom of Morocco" struck in Arabic, with the dates "2011-1432".

The face of the12th anniversary coin is written in Arabic and French, along with an image of the Royal Palace of Rabat, olive branches, the royal arms and the fiscal value of 250 dirhams in numerals and Arabic letters.

The coin is available at Bank Al Maghrib agencies, but before rushing out to purchase your piece of numismatic history, be aware that the actual purchase price is 500 dirhams.

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