Saturday, September 03, 2011

Beginners' Calligraphy Course in Fez

Jess Stephens of Culture Vultures is running a new calligraphy class in early September. The course will be in four parts. The tutor, Abdellah, is a master calligrapher from Fez who has dedicated his career and life to the sacred art of Arabic script writing.

Presented in the splendid surroundings of traditional Moroccan architecture this short course will lead you through some techniques and methods of the art of Calligraphy, that have been practiced by calligraphy masters since the writing of the holy Qoran.

Participants will have the chance to discover the skill, input and state of mind needed to master this spiritual pursuit. Practice with traditional materials is a large part of the course.


• Course – 7th/ 8th /9th and 10th September 2011.
• Sessions are from 9 am. to 10.30am
• Cost of course is 1000 dh in total.
• To a reserve a place a deposit of 250 dh is required. C.V. accepts Paypal payments.

For further information:Contact Jess at or call 06 45 22 32 03

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