Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Spend 24 Hours in Fez

Some great advice from Lonely Planet on how to spend your time in the Fez Medina if you are only able to spend one day here.

Yes, it’s almost criminal to think of spending just one day in this wonderful Moroccan town, but if that’s all you’ve got to work with, we can help. Taken from the Fez Encounter guide, our authors have mapped out an itinerary that will squeeze every last sun-drenched drop out of a day in Fès.

Enter the medina through Bab Bou Jeloud and wander down Talaa Kebira, stopping to visit the Bou Inania Medersa. To get into the medina swing of things, stop for a caffeine fix on the terrace at Café Clock, located opposite the medersa. Continue down the slope, investigating the shops, souks and street stands along the way.

Passing through Chrabliyine, turn right into Derb Fakharine to discover the Henna Souk and Nejjarine Sq, home to the Nejjarine Wood Museum. Then through Bab Moulay Idriss to the Moulay Idriss Zawiya and on to the kissariat (covered markets) near the Kairaouine Mosque & University. Returning to Talaa Kebira, veer left (north) into Derb Rhabt l’Qaïs, through the Blida neighbourhood and then onto the Chouwara Tanneries. From here, make your way to Seffarine Sq and celebrate a great morning’s sightseeing over a mint tea or fresh juice at Cremerie la Place.

After your morning exploring the length of Talaa Kebira, catch a taxi from Bab R’cif to Batha, where you should note the location of the Batha Museum for an after-lunch visit. Lunch is first though – try Thami’s, a street café on Derb Serrajine. After lunch make your way back to the museum and enjoy viewing its collection before catching another taxi, this time to the Hotel Les Merinides to enjoy a drink on the terrace while watching the spectacle of the sun setting over the medina.

Later in the evening, have a sumptuous Moroccan meal and enjoy listening to live music at La Maison Bleue or Riad Fes.

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