Friday, September 30, 2011

If You Love Sufi Music... check this out

For those lucky enough to be able to tune in to BBC 3 this Sunday at 2200, Lucy Duran presents Sufi music from around the world recorded at the recent Transcender Festival at the Barbican in London. 

"The Ecstatic Journey: Music from around the Sufi world" was one evening gathering together classical traditions, ascetic mediations and exultant celebrations into a single, kaleidoscopic concert showcasing the Sufi songs of Morocco, Pakistan, India and Indonesia.

Of special interest will be performances by a group who made a big impression at the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, last year. Ensemble Syubbanul Akhyar (pictured above) — will be heard playing a number of pieces. with performers: Nanang Kurnia Yasin (singer) Fuad Hasyim Sakiran (tamborine) Ahmad Ihfadz Zainie (dumbuk) Mursidi Zulkarnain Tohir (oud) Engkin Zainal Mutaqin (suling flute) Heru Firmansyah (hajir) Chaerul Muhammad Yusup (violin) Abdul Wahid Mohamad Yusuf (marawis).

Also appearing on the programme will be Sain Zahoor (lead Vocals, ektara Lute & ankle percussion) (pictured above), Riyasat Ali (chimta) Ranhja (tabla, vocals) Muhammad Ijaz (flute) Shaukat Ali (dholak, vocals) Muhammad Mushtaq (harmonium, vocals)

For full details of what is on offer check out BBC 3

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sumit kumar said...

i like sufi music very much... thanks for sharing about this festival...
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