Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Tissa Horse Festival - Latest Update

The View from Fez team are in debt to Michele of the travel company Yomikha Morocco who sent someone to Tissa to check. The latest news is that the first day of the festival is this Friday - September 30th. The festival (we are told) is now only two days and Saturday October 1 is the final day.

Photo: Gerard Chemit
 While this gives people in the local area plenty of time to make new plans, it is less good news for those coming from America, Europe, India and Australia. The View from Fez has had a flood of emails from both tourists and travel writers who have bookings for flights, internal transport and hotels or riads, based on the original dates.

While not everyone is happy with this disruption, at least one traveller who can not change flights quipped, "Well, I suppose I will just have to have a long weekend in Fez, and that can't be bad."

The View from Fez will attend the horse festival this Saturday, and report back for those unable to make it.

Our thanks to Michele for the update.


forex maroc said...

merci pour les information.. je le trouve très utile..

Enrique said...

Thank you Michele and VFF!

Anonymous said...

Le festival de tissa a de tous les temps était mal organisé. Il faut signaler d'énormes lacunes au niveau de l'information.
Bonne fin de soirée!