Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upcoming Culture in Fez

Diverse cultural activities are on offer in Fez over the next few months. These include exhibitions, film and a self-development workshop.


Historic photographs of Fez

Trilogie Fassi 1916-1917 opens on September 23 at 6.30pm and will be on show until the end of October at the gallery of the Institute Francais de Fes.

This exhibition is taken from the second album of 120 photographs taken by Commandant Larribe, titled "Morocco Picturesque", and features captions by Alfred Bel, the founder of Batha.

Film stills

The Invisible is an exhibition focusing on the film stills of Spanish photographer José Haro. Since 1993, he has been working on portraits, advertising, photojournalism and film sets. He is the recipient of Kodak and Agfa European Portrait awards. His film stills includes the latest Almodovar film La Piel que Habito ("The Skin I Live In").

The Invisible opens at the Cervantes Institute in Fez and will run until October 20.


The critically acclaimed film Omar M'a Tuer ("Omar Killed Me" - see our earlier story here) will be screened at the French Institute's Mediatheque on next Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm.

This 2010 film is based on a true story which began with the murder of 65-year-old Ghislaine Marchal, who was found stabbed and beaten to death in the basement of her villa, in an affluent suburb north of Cannes. At the crime scene was the grammatically incorect inscription “Omar m’a tuer” written in Madame Marchal’s blood and pinpointing her gardener, Omar Raddad (Bouajila), as the murderer.

The engrossing historical dramatisation includes the questioning of Raddad's conviction by an intrepid novelist and his attempts to free the illiterate Moroccan, whom he thought was simply an easy police target.


Bookings are now open for a workshop from November 25-27 called Harmony, Confidence and Serentity in the beautiful surrounds of Jardin des Biehn.

The course is being taught in French and includes yoga by Kleo Brunn and Sophrology by Catherine Biehn. It combines the apparently contradictory aspects of discipline and letting go.

"These two paths lead to physical, mental and spiritual unification; to harmony, confidence and serenity," says Catherine Biehn. "The slow and natural pace of Fez and its very special energy offer ideal conditions for this course."

Jardin des Biehn

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