Monday, January 30, 2012

German Wings Over Morocco

Germanwings, a wholly owned Lufthansa subsidiary, is set to fly into Morocco on a regular basis. The Germanwings routes announced for the coming 2012 Summer Flight Schedule feature the Moroccan destination of Nador. 

Demand for flights is such that the airline is starting flights to Nador six weeks earlier than the actual planned launch date for the new route. 

Germanwings originally announced that Nador in the north-east of the country, would be included in the route network from 25 May. Now the first flight has been brought forward to 30 March.

This summer, Germanwings will initially fly to Nador every Friday, then from 25 May, every Tuesday and Friday. Using connecting flights, the routes Berlin – Nador (from 30 March 2012), Munich – Nador (from 30 May) London-Heathrow – Nador (from 30 March), Dresden-Nador (from 30 March) and Leipzig – Nador (from 30 May) can also be booked at

However, be aware that all of these flights are operated via Cologne/Bonn with optimised transfer times.

The city of Nador is very popular with Moroccans as a holiday destination. The Mar Chica Lagoon (pictured above) with Nador on its western bank and both the Djebel Sebt and Djebel Tazoud volcanoes are particularly breathtaking beauty spots.


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