Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fez to Celebrate Andalusian Music

Beginning on the 21st of February, the 17th edition of the Fez Festival of Andalusian Music will open in Fez and run until the 26th.
Andalusian music is extremely popular in Fez

This year's theme is -“30 years in the Service of Culture.” The festival will give the audience a chance not only to enjoy Andalusian music but to also learn about it, discuss it and meet professional and aspiring artists and researchers in the field.

The event is organised by the Urban Council of Fez, who promise a wide range of cultural, artistic and academic activities to celebrate Moroccan Andalusian music from different aspects.

Andalusian is a style of Moorish music found across North Africa in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It originates out of the music of Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia) between the 9th and 15th centuries.
In Morocco this music is now part of the tradition of the country, with styles called Al-Âla and Gharnati. It is considered very spiritual and soft and is usually played in ceremonies, particularly marriages, but also in popular places such as cafeterias, restaurants and houses. Moroccans celebrate with this music on Independence Days and Islamic Eid festivals.

The Programme

Tuesday, February 21: 
4 pm to 6 pm: Opening of the music program in Fez’ Riads. An evening at Riad Yaqout in the Fez Medina. The event features the choir of the Fez Music Conservatory conducted by Idriss Barada.

Wednesday, February 22: 
4 pm to 6 pm: An evening in l'Mnebhi Palace in the Talaa Sghira with the al-Baath Choir with conductor Abdul Fattah Benmoussa.

Thursday, February 23:
7 pm at the City Hall of Fez: - The opening of an exhibition of books and studies on Andalusian music and the opening of the exhibition of traditional musical instruments.
7.30 pm:  The Al-Brihi Choir from Fez conducted by al-Hajj Anas al-Attar. and the Musical Conservatory Choir from Tetouan conducted al-Mehdi Chaachoue.

Friday,February 24:
7.30 pm at the City Hall of Fez.  Mohamed Larbi Tamesmani Choir fom Tetouan conducted by Mr. Mohamed.   Fez al- Ala Tarab Youth Choir of Fez conducted by Mohammed al-Otmani.

 Saturday, February 25:
10 am at the Cultural Complex al-Hurriya, a seminar on the subject, “Composition and Copyright Movement in the Moroccan Musical Heritage; Reality and Issues: The Case of the Moroccan Andalusian Music” with the participation of professors and authors: Prof. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Jalil, Prof. Youness Chami, Prof. al-Amine, al-Chaachoue, Prof. Abdul Fattah Benmousa. In addition, these authors will sign their latest books.

 4 pm to 6 pm: An evening in Riad Scheherazade in Bab Lehdid Street. Andalusia Youth Choir from Rabat, conducted by Mr. Mohamed al- Ouefer.

7.30 pm at the City Hall of Fez. The Abdul Karim Rais Choir conducted by Mr. Mohamed Berioul. Rawafed Association Choir of Tangier conducted by Mr. Omar Moutioui.

 Sunday, February 26:
4 pm to 6 pm at the the City Hall of Fez. The closing ceremony of the festival will include: A selection by the Grand Hijaz division performed by the Vocal Group of al-Ala House from Casablanca, under the supervision of Prof. Hamid Sibai and Mr. Ahmed Merbouh. They will be accompanied by al-Brihi choir from Fez, chaired by al-Hajj Anas al-Attar.

Thanks MAP and Morocco World News for information for this story.


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