Monday, February 27, 2012

Tug Boats for Morocco

The Ibrahim I in Halong Bay

It is a very long way to come, but recently, two Damen Stan Tugs 2608, the Ibrahim 1 and the Jacques, were shipped from the anchorage of Halong Bay, Haiphong (Vietnam) to Casablanca by the Atlantic Winter, an 800t lifting capacity HLV chartered by Danish Heavy Lift carrier Thorco from Reederei Heino Winter.

After having taken the necessary preparations and rigging of the lifting gear, both tugs were nicely loaded into their prepositioned cradles on deck in a two day operation.

one of the tugs on the Atlantic Winter
The tugs were ordered by JL Tug and Fedala Tug. Both are Moroccan, privately owned, maritime services companies that have long-time relationships with Damen Shipyards.

The two tugs stowed on deck before leaving Halong Bay
The Ibrahim 1 will be operated by JL Tug in the Port of Jorf Lasfar and the Jacques will be operated by Fedala Tug in the Port of Mohammedia.

The Jacques that will work in Mohammedia

The Fedala Tug company in Mohammedia, takes its name from the original name for this port city, in northwestern Morocco. It lies along the Atlantic Ocean 15 miles (24 km) northeast of Casablanca. The harbour, at what is now Mohammedia, was frequented in the 14th and 15th centuries by merchant ships from Europe seeking cereals and dried fruits. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was intermittently an official grain-export entrepôt for Christian merchants. The modern port facilities were initially developed by French businessmen after 1913. The name of the city was changed from Fedala in 1959 to honour Muḥammad V, the king of Morocco (ruled 1927–61). Contemporary Mohammedia is both a popular seaside resort with a casino and a major industrial port. Imported crude oil is refined at Morocco’s largest refinery directly southwest of the city, and Mohammedia also has many fish canneries and a factory that produces chlorine and sodium carbonate.



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OMG I feel like I fell asleep and woke up in tugboat paradise. Please publish more photos of tugs for my collection (now I have three. I am so thrilled by this. Thank you, thank you.

Thomas the Tugboat said...

Me too! Me too... there is a primal appeal with tugboats. Every small boy dreams of them... small, amazing machines. I experienced a memory of my childhood thrill when I saw that first photo with the water canon. Yes, anonymous... you are spot on... they are gorgeous!
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