Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eco-adventurer to Share Stories in Fez This Thursday

Eco-adventurer Andy Pag and his partner Christina Ammon in Fez
Can you imagine driving around the world and not pay once for petrol? Global eco-adventurer Andy Pag has just completed a 30,000 kilometer, 25 country odyssey, driving a bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil. He will be giving a talk about his extraordinary adventures on Thursday March 15 at 5 PM at the American Language Center.

During his journey, Andy drove his "Biotruck"; a 22-year-old school bus he bought from a scrap dealer. The vehicle had a 1,200 litre fuel tank and oil filtering system, and was converted to run on vegetable oil. The speed may not have been great, but the fuel economy certainly was. The truck was capable of travelling 5,000km on a full tank of fuel.

Finding waste vegetable oil from restaurants along the route was only one of the challenges. The Mercedes truck also suffered "constant breakdowns" and, in a more serious incident, Andy was arrested for using a satellite phone illegally in Ajmer, India. "This held up the trip for months," Andy said.

A highlight of the journey was meeting his partner, American Christina Ammon, who interviewed Andy for a US newspaper. They got on so well that they remained in touch, and after a few weeks she flew out to join him.

Andy and Christina with the bio-truck they drove around the world

This amazing journey is both a learning and teaching experience for Andy and Christina, who want to encourage the use of alternative fuels. "I want to let people know what is possible," said Pag.

They are currently in Fez writing books about their adventures and have kindly offered to share some of their experiences.

You can join Andy and Christina for their free talk on Thursday at 5 PM at Room One at the American Language Center, 2 Rue Ahmed Hiba.

You can read more about Andy in our previous story HERE


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