Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fez to Celebrate Mediterranean Literary Culture

Nidal Chebbak, writing for Morocco World News, reports that the city of Fez will host the 4th edition of the Fez Festival of the Mediterranean Book in April 21-26 under the rather awkwardly titled theme “Diasporic Moroccan Culture…Cross-cutting Approaches”.*(see our editor's note below) The event will be held at the cultural complex al-Hurriya.

Cultured cat looks up "diasporic"

It is expected that a large group of writers, thinkers, and artists living in Morocco and abroad, in addition to professionals in the world of books and publishing, will attend the book festival. The festival is an initiative of the Book Club Foundation in Morocco in partnership with Fez City Municipal Council and the Ministry of Culture.

A cultural symposium entitled Diasporic Moroccan Literature* (again see editor's note below)  will be held to discuss the artistic and literary productions of second and third generations of the Moroccan community living abroad as they become torn between the multi-civilizational and existential attractions; between the Moroccan self and Western other.

The festival will also include various cultural activities, such as honoring some authors, book signing ceremonies, artistic exhibitions, prose and poetry readings, screening of films, plays and musical concerts.

The Book Club Foundation will award the Fez Prize for Mediterranean Creativity to one of the diasporic Moroccan writers who contributed to the promotion of the Moroccan culture abroad, in addition to awards of merit to the students who participated in a literary creativity competition organized by the foundation for the first time.

This is an edited version of Nidal Chebbak's article published on Morocco World News

 ( The View from Fez editor's note: Literature of the Moroccan Diaspora would have been a less awkward phrase. Mind you, it is administrators who organise festivals, not actual writers!!)


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