Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Architecture in Fez

A symposium on green architecture will be held from April 25-28 in Fez and around the village of Sefrou.

International and national experts will present their concepts and work, demonstrating their experience in sustainable development projects.

Crucial questions will be posed around themes that affect us all, such as how do we to respond to the need for sensible growth while fighting against the global imbalance; the densification of urban pollution; the risk of food crisis? How can culture and new styles of architecture assist in creating real development projects which guarantee the well being of the population? Can satellite cities be green? What are the conditions to be found in the region? How can natural materials be used in construction and rehabilitation? Is it possible today to build in Morocco from natural materials?

The main language of communication will be French.

You can find the full program on

Seating is limited, so register soon. Send an email to


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Anonymous said...

Encore un symposium sur l'architecture verte! Beaucoup de bruit pour rien! Car concrètement, que voit-on à Fès? Du béton, du béton,du béton à perte de vue, à perte de vie! Du béton qui digère comme un rouleau compresseur tout ce qui est vert...Un symposium pour se donner bonne conscience, peut-être! Bon week end! on Green Architecture in Fez

(Another symposium on green architecture! Much ado about nothing! Because actually, what do we see in Fez? Concrete, concrete, concrete out of sight, to death! Concrete that digests like a steamroller everything is green ... A symposium to feel good, maybe! Good weekend! )