Friday, March 16, 2012

Health Care For Morocco's Poor

El Hossein El Ouardi
Morocco's government has announced the launch of a project aimed at improving access to health care. "RAMED" is a public health care system that covers underprivileged populations that are not eligible for mandatory health insurance. This system now enables the beneficiaries to have access to health care in public hospitals and state-owned health services centres.

"Poor people will have a free of charge medical care, while vulnerable members of society will have to pay 120 dirhams per person without exceeding 600 dirhams for every household." Health Minister El Hossein El Ouardi 

This medical care system, first launched back in November 2008 as an experiment in the region of Tadla-Azilal, will benefit, according to the government, 8.5 million underprivileged people (28% of the Moroccan population), including 4 million poor inhabitants and 4.5 million "vulnerable ones", in addition to 160,000 prisoners, homeless persons and orphans.

According to the new plan, The beneficiaries can use 2,581 institutions for basic health care, including 2,030 health centers, 12 regional hospitals and 19 university hospital centers. Also listed is the creation of 80 equipped medical units, the organization of specialized medical caravans and mobile medical units.

The RAMED's beneficiaries are covered with no discrimination on the basis of age, sex, pathological antecedents or areas of residence.

Story first published on Morocco Board News Service


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J'espère que ce ne sont pas que des promesses de politiciens.
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