Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mirror on the Lives of Moroccan Women

One of the photos from the Women's Mirror exhibition
An unusual exhibition opens this Saturday, which offers a glimpse into how women living in the Fez region view their lives.
The Women's Mirror exhibition opens on March 10 at 4pm at the ALIF Riad in the Fez Medina and continues until March 24. The aim is to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 and give an opportunity to women living in the Fez region to share their daily lives, their feelings towards society and their hopes and dreams.

It has been organized by the ALIF-ALC Photography Club. (The Arabic Language Institute Fes and American Language Center Photography Club.)

The intention of the Women's Mirror project is to give women, particularly those living in rural areas, the opportunity to express themselves and show what is important to them through the universal medium of photography, regardless of their level of education. It was originally brainchild of Omar Chennafi, convener for the ALIF-ALC Photography Club. "Through these photographs, we can glimpse the real lives of these women and how they see themselves in society," says Chennafi.

More than 20 disposable cameras were distributed to women in the Fes­‐Boulemane region and using these they have taken a series of photographs, a selection of which will be displayed at the exhibition. To give an accurate picture of the socio-economic conditions of Moroccan women, the participants included Moroccan and foreign women of a range of ages, backgrounds, and different cultural levels, both from urban and rural areas.

For many of the participants, photography is an unusual activity. "By displaying these pictures, we can show them and the viewers of the exhibition that photography and art are open to everyone, whatever their means," says Chennafi.

Chennafi says, "Members of the club have been involved at every level of the project, from finding the women to participate in the project, to distributing the cameras and giving instructions as to their use, collecting cameras, the development and selection of pictures and arranging for the display of the exhibition. The photos that are most relevant, intriguing, and exceptional have been selected for display."

The main sponsor for the exhibition is the American Language Center Fes.

When: Women's Mirror exhibition opens on Saturday March 10 from 4pm - 6pm. 
It runs until March 24 from 3-5pm daily. 
The Women's Mirror free concert is at 6.30pm on Saturday, featuring American singer/songwriter Socorra Camposanto and Fez oud and guitar player Hosna el Hadi.
Where: ALIF Riad, Address: 6, Derb Drissi, Batha, Fez Medina
Contact: Omar Chennafi 0659661502 or email


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