Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spotlight on Fez Heritage Architecture

A reminder that coming up this Sunday is a conference on heritage architecture of the Fez Medina.

The ALIF-ALC Photography Club and the HEM school, in conjunction with The View from Fez,  invites Fez residents to attend the celebration of International Heritage Day on the April 22,  at the Batha Museum.


4 p.m. : Conference under the theme " To protect and
enhance the architectural heritage of the city of Fez."
6 p.m. : The photography exhibition + coffee break
6:30 p.m: The Award Ceremony
7 p.m. : Traditional Moroccan celebrations



michael t said...

You are to be applauded to be supporting such an event, but how can a photography club at a small language school be such a high profile sponsor, where would a school club get this type of funds?

The View From Fez (Ibn) said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your comment. Firstly, it is not a small language school, but the major English/Arabic/Darija school in Morocco and considered one of the best in the world. Secondly, the photography club is becoming a cultural force in the community and has the support of many organisations such as ours. Between us we can harness a huge amount of energy and goodwill.

Todd PCorps said...

I remember visiting this school near 3 years ago and thought it was strange, being in a nice but dilapidated house on a side street in a new city neighbourhood. The staff that I saw seemed to be mostly youngish men in tight Tees, and the receptionist was very abrupt when I tried to make an enquiry. Good to see that it has since vastly changed to become "one of the best in the world"

Fatima Zohra (not a man in a t-shirt!) said...

Hi Todd - I am not sure where you visited, but it certainly does not sound like ALIF-ALC. With 2500 plus students and university educated staff (of mature age- not young men in tight tees)... it is a thriving institution. And it has not been a vast change as it has been a top school for a number of years.

I hope next time you are in Fez you come and visit ALIF - the library and bookshop are superb as well.

Sandy McCutcheon said...

Thanks Fatima Zohra - you beat me to it!

Captain Cook said...

Sandy, will this conference be reported in detail on TVFF? I cannot be there and (along with many others) would hope that there is a detailesd résumé. Hopefully there will be useful and positive discussion and we need to know what transpires and what 'promises' are made.
Example: I recently visited a major newly-opened riad/hotel in the médina: most of the building and all the new build next to, indeed surrounding, this hotel were constructed in steel, breeze blocks and red brick. Any idea how any of the plans for these buildings were agreed by the beladia?

The View from Fez said...

Sadly we don't have the staff to cover this conference as two of our folks are on a boat off the coast of South America for the next 18 days. But we will see if we can find someone to report back