Sunday, May 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes at a Triumph of Fez Fashion

On Saturday The View from Fez was granted access behind the scenes at the first fabulous Fez Fashion Day. Our fashion contributors, Paulo Giglio from Rio and Laetitia Bissette-Brodeur from Paris, report.

The 26th of May will go down as the day that Fez put the fasionistas of Marrakech on notice. Fez pulled a rabbit from a fur hat and, firmly stamping its stiletto-heeled boot down, said, “Fez is fashion!”

Jardin des Biehn

How inspiring it was to have a runway that wove through the magic Jardin des Biehn, filled with flowers trees and divine-sounding birds. In fact, in the tense moments before the show began the birdsong provided the perfect accompaniment to a gently bubbling glass of Ouelmas. As a colleague said, ‘The music of the birds is like Veuve Clicquot to my ears!”

The perfect setting - outfit byAnan Sorsutham 

In the dressing rooms it was another story. Knowing the eyes of the fashion world had finally caught on to the fact that Fez was not simply a beautiful location for a photo-shoot, but rather a bubbling crucible of design talent, added a tantalisingly tangible frison. “I have hardly eaten all week,’ said model Vanessa Bonin.

Hairdressers, makeup artists, dressers and stylists worked for hours in preparation. Every last touch was attended to and finally the moment had arrived when the backstage manager, Robert Johnstone, opened the door and the show began.

‘It’s all about timing,” said Johnstone, who had been selected by the models themselves as the only man behind the scenes. ‘They are dressed, groomed, makeup checked, earrings attached and voila, then I dispatch them.”

Count down backstage - designer Karine Duebner (centre)

Outside in the garden, the MC introduced the first designer, the music started and the show was on.

From the first appearance of a Karina Duebner outfit, the A-list audience knew they were witnessing something special. The Kazakh inspired Tamerlane's Daughters designs were breathtakingly bold, with the cut, stitching and fabric of every garment - perfect!  This was no tilt at ethnic chic, but the real thing. With superb fur hats, one felt the ghost of Genghis Khan looking down approvingly.

Host Michel Biehn

And so it went; three designers, three unique visions and all delivered with stunning aplomb - no falls, no costume malfunctions, no tears!

It is to be hoped that this is the first of many fashion events in Fez and, if the response from audience and fashion writers is anything to go by, it most certainly will be.


Photo credit: Suzanna Clarke
Story: TVVF


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